This week Mrs B has mainly been……

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This week Mrs B has mainly been......

Down in the basement rebuilding the seats from her van. Here the underparts are being renewed, new canvas backing ( home made but using the old steel rods), new bungees ( bought from Messrs ECAS), layered over with new foam. The foam came from a shop in Perpignan and was horribly expensive but gives the appearance of being good quality.

The seat interiors showed every sign of being originals from the early eighties so had had a quarter century of bottom miles on them and one did need a dab of weld.

Being a wise and frugal wife Mrs B had earlier bought a huge bolt of canvas from the highly recommended Whaley Mills in Bradford Yorkshire for this and other projects so the top covers will be removable home builts rather than the smart but pricey readymades one can buy from the usual suspects. 40 square metres of canvas from Bradford cost less than just over 6 square metres of foam from Perpignan. Which is about par for the course.

I’ve had a trial sit and the omens are good.

Posted by daviddb on 2009-01-17 09:29:53

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